25 May
Danny Sheridan's 2023 Patch Predictions

   "In a race that has increasingly brought in more and more nationally and internationally class athletes, it will be a local teacher, and a local student that take the top titles.

   "And, expect a 17-year old course record to fall!"

  This is the 24th year that USA oddsmaker Danny Sheridan has gone out on a limb with his Patch picks. Last year, Sheridan had his poorest showing ever, hitting correctly on just one of five divisions. "Yeah, but most of my top picks did wind up on their respective podiums, so I wasn't that far off!"

   The big news, according to the prognosticator, is that a long standing record will fall.  "It's been out there forever, like Dimaggio's 56-game hitting streak, or Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game.  But I predict that the women's course mark is going to fall!"  Deborah Nordyke set the mark - 2:19:37 - in 2006 and, while it's been threatened, it has never gone down.  

"Conditions should be good for racing. Perhaps a bit too warm for some, but dry, with a course that is light on the puddles and heavy on the solid foot holds.  Plus:  The weather will be perfect for hanging at the finish, at the Cantina, at the BBQ picnic, and at the brewery.. and that's really what it's all about!"


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