23 May
Danny Sheridan's 2024 Patch Predictions

It's gonna be hot! "First prediction: With warm weather, elite runners, a close race, and an intensely steep final stretch, the over/under on competitors throwing up at the finish line is eight."   

This is the 25th year that USA oddsmaker Danny Sheridan has gone out on a limb with his Patch picks. Last year, Sheridan hit correctly on four of six divisions. "Yeah, but one of my misses was a racer who was leading, but had to drop out with an injury!"   

Sheridan, the "seer of seers; the "prognosticator of prognosticators", is boldly repeating his incorrect prediction from last year that "a long standing record will fall.  It's been out there forever, but the women's course mark is going down!'  Deborah Nordyke set the mark - 2:19:37 - in 2006 and, while it's been threatened, it has never been bettered. That will likely change on Saturday.   

"Conditions will be sort of a good news-bad news for racing. The course is dry with solid foot holds, with training times nearly breaking two hours! But as for the forecast, the weather team of  Ryba & Aronstein say 'Sun, Sun, Sun, here we come! Hydrate... or die'"

CLICK HERE to see full predictions with finish times and comments for every racer and trekker.

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