“I find this race a great metaphor for life, for it is such a testament to enduring and enjoying. You see each person persevere at his or her own level, and it's reassuring that such perseverance is rewarded with a joyous gathering afterword. It's the only race I've done in which immediately after you've finished your time is meaningless--- you are just a finisher, and winner, like everyone else.”     -Tom Lynch (First Patch: 2002)

“The Patch Sprint is seeing old friends and reconnecting over exhaustion at the top of Poke-O. Definitely more of a reunion... until I reach the back side of Sugarloaf, then my competitive side comes out.”  Alexandra Disney (2-time Champion)

“I ran the Patch Sprint for the first time this weekend, and came away with the feeling that this is one of the best running events I've ever attended. The real story for me is the way this small, little-known race/run/hike has turned into something truly extraordinary. The organization of the event itself, rivals that of much bigger trail runs that I've been a part of. I was extremely impressed by the community that the event brings together. – Jan Wellford (2013 Champion)

"The Patch Sprint for me is a race that the entire family can participate in simultaneously. And although we may start our race at different times we finish together and can enjoy sharing how it went on the hike down. -Deb Nordyke (Women’s course record holder)

“I love seeing peoples' expressions of joy despite the challenge at hand. I feel so fortunate to be amongst people who are so grateful for being part of such a special event in a perfect setting. -Cole Starkey (3-time Champion)

“There is no question that the Patch Sprint is about seeing so many friends in one place every year. The second-best part is finishing the race and taking in the amazing view of the course from the top of Poke-O.” – John Rayburn (1st Winter Patch finisher)

“Patch Sprint provides a great opportunity to see old friends and enjoy the Adirondacks. The race is great motivation to stay active in winter and a good test of where my fitness is in the spring, while the weekend signals the unofficial start of summer. Plus, it's a great way to raise money for the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation. -Jason Metakis (7-time top-five finisher)

“Everything about the Patch Sprint is unique and awesome. The course gives you some of the best views in the area, the trails are challenging, and the people behind the race are so welcoming and genuine. The competition is made of some of the best runners in the area, and everyone is so down to earth, and are there for the same reasons. There really isn’t another event like it and it supports a great cause.” -A.J. Beers (2021 Champion)

“When you combine a historically competitive race, with a grassroots venue, on a mix of trails, mountains, and roads that inspire, I’m all in. I really enjoyed the variety of surfaces that the Patch offered up. It keeps things interesting and levels the playing field. – Nick Arndt (2020 Champion)

“My favorite part about the Patch Sprint, besides the unique and adventurous course, was the community and the history. Before, during, and after the race, I met so many wonderful people who welcomed me as a first time Patch Sprint-er.” -Charlotte Winkler (2020 Champion)

"The community is incredible. Coming up from four hours away, spending the night at camp and being in the Adirondacks, it just had such a good vibe. And you get to race morning and everyone is so happy and excited; It's such a small community that loves this race so much." - Michael Brockway (2022, 2023 Champion)

“Number one race on my annual calendar. I can’t say enough good things about Patch Sprint!” -Jeremy Drowne (3rd all-time fastest time)

“You can see the passion and the tradition on people’s faces. The trails and the race itself are a blast, but the part I’m coming back for next year is the great community and the good times.” -Mac Guthrie (First Patch: 2020)

“The feeling from the Patch Sprint can’t really be properly put into words. There is an energy generated by all the people who participate. The challenge of the Patch Sprint is equally physical and mental.” – Pam Gonzalez (Masters and Winter Champion)

"There is such a personal relationship with the course that creates comfort and calm. Faces change, new runners come and go, but the course is always there to challenge me with whatever goal I have for the year. As I age and change, the course ages and changes with me, it has become a lifelong friend that I value.” -Jason Fiegl (Record six-time Champion)

“It is super fun. I think the change in the course - from steep and technical, to fast road, to double track, to bushwhacking and back to steep - there’s just so much variance and you are switching gears constantly; it is just fun!” - Ryan Atkins (Course record holder)

“From an organizational standpoint I am super impressed, the course is well marked, all the event info. is communicated clearly, and both the pre-race dinner and awards banquet are a ton of fun. Overall this is definitely one of the coolest events I’ve participated in!” -Sean Davis (Patch Sprint Champion and winter course record holder)

“I was grateful to be able to participate with such a wonderful and supportive group of people. The PS continues to be a highlight personally, and athletically… many thanks for taking time to make this event possible.” - Norwood Styles (First Patch: 2015)