Run... Hike... Climb... Repeat!!!

May 27, 2023

Registration is Open

Here's hoping all of our racers, trekkers, volunteers and friends have a great Holiday season. See you in 2023... or at the winter sprint: 12/27/22

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Our 188 racers, trekkers, volunteers and friends contributed a total of $11,222 to our beneficiary, Adirondack Scholarship Foundation. And once expenses for the event were factored in, an additional $3000+ was also allocated,

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For the second consecutive year, a pair of first-time Patch Sprinters captured top honors in the men's and women's open racing divisions. See a video report......

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"With more and more elite and unknown racers entering the Patch Sprint every year, projecting the winners is tougher than calling the Kentucky Derby! This is the 23rd year that USA oddsmaker...

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The Patch Sprint, created in 1996, is a weekend long fundraising gathering featuring meals, parties, a race, and a trek. The event is open to members of the Pok-O-MacCready "family" (current and alumni); invited guests; and racers and trekkers donating to the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation.