11 May
Mandated Routes

With ever-changing topography, trail re-routing, logging and unpredictable weather, the traditional Patch course has changed many times in the past 35 years.

"While we would love to give all racers the option to devise their own favorable and fast route," said co-founder Tim Singer, "our top priorities are to a) Respect the environment, b) respect the land owners and, c) make the competition safe!"

Therefore, the following portions of the course will be mandated for Patch Sprint:

BARE: Due to excessive logging on private land, this course was altered somewhat in 2020. Please stay on the marked course following the traditional Orange arrows and ribbons.

RATTLESNAKE: Racers and trekkers must pass by the 1812 homestead both to and from the mountain.
NORTHWAY TUNNEL: The only allowable cross of Interstate-87 is via the tunnels, at the terminus of the marked Fiegally trail.

POK-O-MOONSHINE: The new (2018) route, as far as the burnt down ranger cabin, is the only allowable race ascent.

Failure to follow the mandated portions of the course will lead to disqualification. "It's a longer course, 13.6 miles," said Singer, "but by sticking to the route, it will be a safer, and more fair and enjoyable experience."

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