11 Dec
Patch Sprint Receives Sponsorship Backing

The directors of the Patch Sprint, along with the board for the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation are proud to announce a new partnership with corporate sponsor The Rexel Foundation!

Rexel USA, through its associated foundation, has agreed to underwrite much of the expense in putting on the 2024 Patch Sprint. "By helping to contribute to event expenses, Rexel allows us to target more of our participant race fees and donations directly towards financial aid for worthy summer camper candidates", said ADK Scholarship board member Dave Mason, who was instrumental in securing the deal with Rexel.

The Rexel Foundation's philosophy is to improve and impact the lives of the people and communities it serves across the country. The Rexel Foundation's focuses are Community Investment and Support, Disease-Focused Research, and Emergency Disaster Relief.

The Foundation believes that businesses thrive only in communities that thrive, and we want to ensure that our communities get the support they need when they need it the most.

The Rexel Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

"This is a huge thing for us, in terms of both financial assistance and event credibility," said Patch Sprint co-founder Tim Singer.  "We are so thankful to Rexel for lending support to our fund raising event!"

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